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​Tracy Burkett-McCarthy . Johnstown PA.

"These guys did an amazing job on my carpets!! Everyone keeps asking me if I got new ones!!"   Feb. 27th.  2017

My customers think I got a new floor!  Floor looks better than I ever expected.

Red.  Owner of Red's Barber Shop.  Franklin Street.  Johnstown PA.

 "Floors look great!! Everyone liked how they turned out, Had lots of compliments on them also. Have to work with you again in the future Thank you!!"

~Steve Cunningham.  Fire Chief / Pinecroft Fire Dept. 

"Mike, your Prescription floor finish is a great floor product! Goes on easy, no odor and great shine. Can't wait to see how it holds up at the assisted living center we maintain. This will be my go to finish. I know I will be buying by the pallet from you soon.

~Barrett Wiley. Owner, President, Cleaning Concierge, LLCT

"Carpets looks great!  We are happy with the results."   

~Learning Lamp Director.  October 2010

"You got out stains from a chocolate fountain that were there for years.   Thank you for donating your carpet cleaning services to the library."  

​~Lyn Meek. Cambria County Library Director  

"Your crew is by far the best we have had."  

~Grocery Store Manager. Bedford, PA.

"Carpets look great!!"  

 ~Matt LaFollette.

Assistant Manager.  Intermedia Marketing Solutions. Johnstown PA.

"Thank you so much!  My carpets look and smell amazing!"

~Allison S.   Windber, PA.    

"Your Prescription is the best floor finish and the shine is totally amazing.  Wow!"

~Paul Reidenouer.   Lancaster, NY. 

"Did 8,000 sf VCT today using FloorCareMD's 'Prescription' floor finish. Just a scrub & re-coat (2) coats. Turned out great! Great product. Thanks Mike!!"

 ~Randy Grygiel. on 7/2/2014.   Randy is the owner of N.E.W. Solid Surface Cleaning/
Floor Care Specialist  Green Bay, WI

"WOW! Is it dry yet? That's what my crew and I were asking each other this weekend when we used FloorCareMD's Prescription floor finish. 30 mins... 40 mins... 50 mins...can we put another coat on yet? It still looked wet, but it wasn't!
After 2 coats finishing the job (scrub & recoat), it is without a doubt the clearest, shiniest wax I have used in 12 years of doing floor work. It went down super smooth with my Rubbermaid microfiber wax system; the wax leveled off exceedingly well. Putting the 2nd coat down was like working in zero gravity, it was effortless to apply with the microfiber just gliding across the floor.
Up to this point it's been mainly Johnson's ShowPlace floor finish for us the past 5 years, but Prescription so far beats that stuff in every way."

~Mike Krall. New York.  June 24, 2014

​​"About Full Spectrum encap cleaner.  Great product , the encap and floor stripper is some of the best I have used."

~​Ace Washington. Shrevport, LA. 11/12/2015