Here is how it works

  • Schedule FloorCareMD to come and clean the carpeting in your home or apartment at our regular pricing.
  • As we are cleaning, let us know that you would like to schedule your carpets to be cleaned again in six months.  Keep the six month appointment and SAVE 20% off your next cleaning bill.  
  • Save even more (30%) when you pre-pay your next scheduled cleaning (6 months).  
  • Scheduled appointment must be made at the time of cleaning
  • ​Discount does not include special attention services including but not limited to:
  • ​Pet Stains (urine, feces, vomit)
  • Red stains; Water loss/damage staining; Filteration staining
  • Paint; Tar; Grease; Toy Slime; Blood
  • ​Coupons, Groupons or any other discounts not applicable

    Call 814-535-7572     We are Fully Insured

​Have it cleaned. Keep it cleaned...For Less $$

"We schedule in the early Spring and also right before the Holidays.  My house is clean and I save $59.00 .  Thank you"     D. and L. Williams   Johnstown